Comedy Factory
Unleash your talent and become a comedy artist with Comedy Factory!

Comedy Factory is a Saudi Theaters initiative sponsored by the General Entertainment Authority to support and develop young talents in the fields of comedy and theater.
Our mission is to hone the skills of emerging comedy actors and writers, offering comprehensive learning and training opportunities to all participants.

The brilliant team behind Comedy Factory

Dr. Hassan Ibrahim Al-Balam

 Holds a PhD in Philosophy of Arts

 his Work :

Directed, produced and starred in 53 TV series and 34 plays 

Founded Al-Balam Theater Group in 2014

Accumulated 31 years of experience in theater and TV

Mentors of Theatre Acting


Dr. Khaled Amin

Faculty member at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Kuwait - 1996

Member of jury committees for more than one theater festival

Judging panel member for multiple theater festivals and Saudi film festivals


Mr. Shayea Al-shayea

 An academic lecturer and practitioner in the art of speech, acting, and theatrical directing

 Member of the Arab Theater and its Board of Directors

 member of the Kuwaiti Theater

Member of the International Theater Authority

Member at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts - Department of Acting and Directing

Consultant of the National Council for Culture, Arts, and Literature


Mr. Hani Al-Nassar

Theater Director

Master’s degree in Theater Sciences

Founder of Teatro Theater Group

Former lecturer at the Higher Institute of Arts

Mentors of Theatre Writing


Mr. Muhammad Anwar

Scenarist and novelist

Screenwriter for various TV productions

Bachelor’s degree in Film Directing

Master’s degree in Screenwriting


Dr. Ahmed Saqqer

Professor of Drama and Comparative Criticism.

Chairman of the Theatre Department Council.

Author of more than 10 textbooks on theatre.

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